Saturday, 2 September 2017

Travel Writing? How to Sell every Feature you Write

Flying High ©Solange Hando

How do you start?
Think 'idea', the tighter the better
A flight over Everest, a festival, sampling the local food
Be original, less is more
Easier to sell

What next?
Find a market
Spend time browsing all sorts of publications
Who would be interested in your idea?
Who are the readers?
Think age group, budget, interests, families,couples

Made your choice?
That makes you a professional
That saves the editor's time and yours
How should you pitch?
Show the editor you are familiar with the publication
Write your pitch in similar style
Be brief and to the point
Offer pictures

Keep Going ©Solange Hando

Got the go ahead?
But before you write a single word
Study the publication in detail, both format and style
Word count
Number and length of paragraphs
Choice of vocabulary, speech, quotes
1st or 3rd person
Fact box?

Next take a look at your pictures
It will
Refresh your memory
Help you to decide what to put in or leave out
Choose the best, the most original
Images will sell your words.

Ready to start?
Spend time on the 1st paragraph, it must grab attention straightaway
Keep your second best anecdote for the end
In the middle:
Vary the pace, highs and lows, anecdotes and facts
Paint a picture:
Include the senses
Avoid clich├ęs
Be original

Sail Away ©Solange Hando

When all is done
Double check, click send
Now you're on your way

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Good luck
Happy travels