Saturday, 26 April 2014

Travel Writing, could this be you?

Dreams come true

Your name in print, free travel, extra cash, could this be you?
It isn't as hard as you think...
All you need are basic writing skills and a fair dose of determination.

 I took the long road to success - didn't know any better- but this little book of mine will show you how to get there so much faster. Follow the advice and before you know it, you could be selling every travel feature you write.

Well, that's the quickest way to get into print and whenever you hit the mark -as you will - your confidence soars and there's no stopping you. The whole English-speaking world is yours and the market as vast as you want it to be.

Travel writing changed my life, it could change yours.
Are you willing to give it a go?

'Be a Travel Writer' is on its way and if you'd like to preview on  Amazon, just click on the link.

Good luck and please let me know when your first travel piece is published.
 I'd love to read it!

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