Saturday, 21 February 2015

Travel Writing, Tell Stories, Sell Features

Up and Away, over the Himalaya ©Solange Hando

Travel Writer
Best job in the world...

Could you do it?

Here are five simple rules to help you get there

1-Keep a diary
Make copious notes wherever you go
Record your own impressions and observations
Talk to people, check facts

2- Take pictures
Look for variety and take as many shots as you can
No need for sophisticated equipment
Photoshop works wonders

Less is more
The tighter the focus, the better
Multiple angles mean multiple sales

4-Study the market
Find the most suitable publications for your ideas
What are the requirements?
What do the readers want?
Write for them, not for you

5-Pitch before you write
That's what professionals do
Show the editor you understand the publication
Offer words and pictures

If you'd like to know more, check this out:
 'Be a Travel Writer' 
is just right for you
Only 100 pages on the road to success...

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