Saturday, 16 May 2015

Love Travel, Want to Write, Can you Do it?

Paro Airport ©Solange Hando

Best job in the world
Travel writing...
 Are you kidding?
Absolutely not

But competition's growing, market's shrinking...
Is that really true?
 I don't think so

There are plenty of how to books out there keen to 'dispel the myth', 'tell it as it is' but I'm in the business of encouraging writers, not scaring them off.
Sure, there's more to it than setting off with laptop and camera in tow: there's work to do, determination to maintain and dreams to keep alive.
But like any other job, the harder you work, the greater the rewards but if you want to make money, you need to market your work.

Sell, sell, sell...
But where?
All over the world, just check it out on the web, loads of markets, everything you could want and more, at your fingertips.
Research, pitch, click and off you go.
Print or on line, there's no limit to what you can do.

Did you know that over 80 countries use English as their official language?
Or that 99% of in-flight magazines publish travel articles in English?

There is room for everyone but the easy way to start is to look beyond the obvious.
Glossy travel mag. attract big names, that's where the competition is harder to beat.


Weekly magazines ( for women/men)
Health and Lifestyle
Special interests /Hobbies / Sports
Trade publications
Smaller airlines
Regional magazines
Seniors, parents and so on...

Travel is about places and people.
  Thousands of publications all over the world are looking for stories like yours.
Are you prepared to give it a go?

Help is at hand
Motivation, encouragement and loads of practical tips.
Just 100 pages between you and success.

Enjoy and see you on the road

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