Saturday, 8 August 2015

Love Travel, Want to Write and Get Paid, could you do it?

On Top of the World, the Everest Range ©Solange Hando


Here's my top tip for all travel writers:
Think small, earn big

What does it mean?
Forget the big picture

The tighter the angle, the more original your feature will be
The more original, the easier to sell
and best of all
Multiple angles mean multiple sales from a single trip

Think of an activity: bird watching, painting, hiking, yoga
Think of a local journey, boat, train, bus
Think festivals / culture /museums / castles
Check out wedding / honeymoon venues
Review a hotel
Write about food and wine
Imagine a city break, 48 hours in...
Attractions: for families, seniors, couples
Body and soul: spa, massage, inspiring location
Natural world: parks and reserves, wildlife, eco-friendly farms and lodges

'These are just a few of my favourite things'
Each one worth 1000 words
to make the most of your trip:
do some research before you go

You might not follow every single idea 
but the more you have, the better

More angles, more features
More cash for your next trip

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Fancy the ride? Cuba in the Wild ©Solange Hando

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