Saturday, 7 May 2016

Love Travel, Love Writing, How to Sell? Spread your Wings...

 Up and Away ©Solange Hando

Is the market shrinking in your corner of the world?
Think global
Over 80 countries use English as their official language
Check them out on the web
See what they publish
Lifestyle, in-flight magazines and more

Are glossy travel magazines just for famous writers?
Big names sell copies but no editor will turn down a brilliant idea
So if you have a riveting story to share, with images, go for it
Pitch before you write

Get off the destination track 
Most publications include travel of one kind or another
Choose a specific angle to increase your chances:
Interview, history, festival, hotel review, local transport, market, temple, visiting a school
Wherever you go, there's always a winning story
The tighter the focus, the better

Like to hop on? Cuba ©Solange Hando

Explore every niche
Look out for specialist publications

 Spa, honeymoons, health, outdoor activities, property
Heritage, hobbies, food and wine
Families, seniors, singles, business, disabled, students
Vintage travel, railway magazines, cruising, canal boats
All have scope for a travel-related piece

Study general interest magazines
Top of the list, women's weeklies which need a lot of copy to fill their pages
Be sure to write for the readers

Add newspapers, county magazines, trade publications.

I could be tempted to throw in a few names but the publishing world is always changing, in with the new, out with the old at a moment's notice.

Got an idea?
Great but it's like the stock exchange 

Check the current market then go for it 
but remember to spread your wings in all directions and think small as well as big.

Would you like to know more?
We can help you 


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