Sunday, 12 June 2016

Like to Be a Travel Writer?

Over the Rainbow ©Solange Hando

Dreams can come true
I can help you

Here are my top tips
for a 
a winning style
to please editors and sell your work 

Include details which paint a picture but be selective
'the child... with a runny nose'

Be specific so readers can see, trees, flowers, birds
 an oak, a pine tree, cowslip or bluebells?

Remember the senses
all five of them, that's how we experience the world

Show rather than tell
'there was a narrow gap in the rocks': he could barely squeeze through...

Choose action verbs rather than static
'she wore a sari': her sari fluttered in the breeze

Use the passive voice when the active will do
'she was chased by the dog', the dog chased her, barking...

Don't use vague qualifiers
'it was quite difficult': was it or wasn't it? make up your mind

Vague adjectives
'beautiful scenery': I can't see that, can you?

'snow white, black as coal': try to be original

Don't pad with trivia to reach the word count
if you need to add anything, make it relevant

Avoid foreign or difficult words
give your readers an easy ride and they'll stay with you

Would you like to know more?
Just 100 pages and all the tips you need to succeed
Enjoy and I'll see you on the road...

 On the road? It's ok, not a lion in sight ©Solange Hando

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