Saturday, 20 August 2016

Images of Pembrokeshire Coast, Scenic Wales

West Wales, Pembrokeshire Coast ©Solange Hando

The Pembrokeshire coastal path meanders over 80 miles to reveal some of the most gorgeous scenery in the country but if you're not up for the challenge, just take to the road and seek out a few of the beauty spots.
Broad beaches or secluded coves, rugged cliffs, grassy slopes, quiet harbours, the landscape is delightful and for ever changing.

Harbour in Lower Fishguard ©Solange Hando

Nestling in a crescent of wooded hills, the lower town of Fishguard has a lovely little harbour which inspires myriad artists and writers. No wonder the writers holiday is so popular. It is held twice a year in Goodwick's Bay Hotel and runs painting as well as writing courses.
But Fishguard also has a place in history for it is here that the last invasion on British soil was repelled, with the help of local women. Don't miss the fabulous tapestry depicting the event in the town library, entrance is free.

Footpath near St Davids Head ©Solange Hando

The colourful village of St Davids claims to be the smallest city in Britain thanks to a superb medieval cathedral tucked out of sight in a green hollow. It is of course dedicated to the patron saint of Wales.
Just like the namesake headland jutting out into the sea with spectacular views on both sides. It's accessed only on foot but you can see it from the popular Whitesands Bay.

Solva in Pembrokeshire ©Solange Hando

On this finely indented coast, you will find many fjord-like inlets which never lose their charm, even at low tide.
Look out for Solva where you can stroll along the  harbour or head for the clifftop to enjoy glorious views.

St Catherine's Island in Tenby ©Solange Hando

Down south you come to Tenby, long known as 'little England beyond Wales', an elegant resort with a picturesque harbour, sandy beach and fabulous views.
Explore the cobbled lanes, walk to the island at low tide, or hop on a boat, then lunch on crab salad or fresh fish down by the harbour.

Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire ©Solange Hando

Here's a wild beguiling spot away from it all with broad sweeping sands backed by dunes protected by a nature reserve. Along the coast are stunning red sandstone cliffs, just one of the scenic wonders in Pembrokeshire.

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