Saturday, 10 September 2016

Like to Be a Travel Writer? Dream Job, Free Trips?

Nepal, Annapurna from Pokhara ©Solange Hando

Here's how it works
Decide where to go, find a suitable publication
Right readership, age group, budget, high circulation a bonus
Pitch to editor
Commission? Brilliant
Move to the next step.

Tobago, Dream Destination ©Solange Hando

Approach the relevant Tourist Board or their PR
Explain what you need, why, and ask if they can help
You might be invited on a group visit or offered an individual trip
How long?
Usually 2 to 4 nights depending on distance/flights

If not:
It's time for DIY
Approach hotels, airlines, railways etc. or tour operators
Before you commit:
Check exactly what is offered
Make sure the publication can credit your hosts
Ready to go?

Time to Write, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire

Remember this is a business trip, not a holiday, expect to work hard
On a group visit be prepared to compromise
Act professional at all times
Thank your hosts and send a copy of your article in due course
Keep in touch with PR, editors, writers you met

Ask for hospitality in the high season
Complain non-stop on a trip if you want to be asked again
Gossip about editors, they may hear about it
Chase commissions during a trip, any editor on a trip has work to do

Press Trip in Haute-Provence, France ©Solange Hando

Hard work? Sure
Have fun
Your hosts will be delighted

Now, would you like to find out more and follow your dream?
Here's everything you need to know to be a travel writer 
Good luck and enjoy