Saturday, 22 October 2016

Love Travel, Sell Stories? Top Tips, Perfect Fit

Flying High over Everest ©Solange Hando

Want to be a travel writer?
The sky's the limit
But before you write your story, choose your market
Imagine the readers
Is this a suitable age group?
The right destination for them, their interests, budget?

An editor might love your story but if it's not right for the readers, they can't take it
Editors know best, their jobs depend on it.

Market in Guatemala, Make it Fit ©Solange Hando

Right market?
Check the format:
Word count
Paragraphs, long or short
Subtitles breaking up the copy
Length of sentences
Choice of words
Is there a fact box?

Bhutanese Steps, Just Right for the Job? ©Solange Hando

Now check the details
1st or 3rd person
Does the writer address the readers?
Is the tone formal or chatty?
Any dialogue?
 Any reference to local characters or travelling companions?
Quotes or anecdotes?
Is atmosphere important or is it mostly facts?

And the finer points
Distance, weights, metric or imperial?
Numbers, letters or figures?
Contractions, isn't or is not?

Would you like to know more?
Only 100 pages on the road to success

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