Saturday, 19 November 2016

Travel Writing? Take Photos, Sell Stories

Take Pictures, Sell Features ©Solange Hando

What images do editors want?
Telling a story
No need for sophisticated equipment,
 Just be ready and capture the moment

Getting up Close, Taking Photos ©Solange Hando

What else should you aim for?
Close ups and distance
People and scenery
Action shots
Landmarks? Take the usual view and an unusual angle
The more, the better, you never know what you will need
Think multiple markets and multiple sales

Sweet Tooth in Kathmandu ©Solange Hando

Have you seen this anywhere?
Probably not
Original, colourful and a cheeky monkey

Be prepared
Look around
The unexpected is always best

Ladakh Scenery, India ©Solange Hando

But most magazines like to add a semblance of life
Could be
a human being, cattle, sheep, a bicycle, a rucksack, a book on a bench

Top Tips 
Don't be so obsessed with the camera you'll miss what's going on right behind you
Have pictures of yourself on location, someone will ask you for that
Make sure the images you send match your chosen market, just as the words should do

Would you like to know more?
Here's everything you need to Be a Travel Writer 

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  1. beautiful photographs, Solange. I want to send you photo of your recent visit and judging at SWWJ in London. So what is your email address? Regards Sylvia
    01277 651062