Saturday, 1 April 2017

Travel Writing? Three Easy Steps to Perfect Pitch

Taxi Ride Cuba Style ©Solange Hando


What do editors want?
Original ideas
How do you do that?
Exotic or at home, the tighter the angle the more unique it's likely to be
It also means you can sell several features on a single destination

Cuban taxis or London cabs
Free attractions in Paris
A day on the river
Quirky hotel / restaurant
Climbing Ben Nevis, 3 generations to the top

What about the city breaks, the best beaches, the paradise islands, the walking holidays?
Fine but you will have to make it pretty special to compete with staff writers

 Fit for Purpose ©Solange Hando


Just like these monks sheltering from the sun
Now what's your purpose?
Sell your work?

Right idea, right market
What sort of readers would this appeal to?
Consider budget, age, interest, social status
Find the perfect fit
Before you pitch

But sometimes...
You might need to think laterally
Chinese embroidery
No luck with obvious markets?
Favourite design?
Cats, sold to Cat magazine

Tenerife, Shepherd's Leap ©Solange Hando


This shepherd says it all
Check before you jump
One chance, no room for error

Top tips
Spend time on your query
Check correct editor's name, contact by email
Get straight to the point
Grab the editor's attention
Keep it brief
Offer images
Show you are familiar with the publication
Use similar style and term of address

Would you like to read more?

 'Succeed in the best job in the world' (endorsed by Hilary Bradt)

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