Saturday, 1 July 2017

Lisbon, Day Trip to Portugal's Land's End, Cabo da Roca and Sintra

Surfing Beach West of Lisbon ©Solange Hando

Less than an hour away north west of Lisbon, sheltered coves and beaches give way to the wild Atlantic coast battered by breakers and wind.
It's too cold for swimming but ideal for surfing, scuba diving and fishing away from the crowds.

Cabo da Roca ©Solange Hando

Then you reach Cabo da Roca, a precipitous headland marking the westernmost point in continental Europe. The red and white lighthouse rises to 165 metres with spectacular views all around,
There is a small tourist office on the site where you can buy a certificate to prove you were there.

The Rocky Coast ©Solange Hando

On this stretch of coast, the water is all shades of blue, jagged rocks glow in the setting sun and trails strewn with wild flowers meander along the clifftop.
Check the weather before venturing too far as fog and wind can sweep in from the ocean when you least expect it.

Sintra in the Hills ©Solange Hando

Beyond the cape, this popular tour follows the scenic road heading inland, meandering up and over the wooded slopes before tumbling down to Sintra, a touristy but beautiful world heritage site tucked in lush greenery.
Stylish buildings and mosaics line the colourful streets and if you don't feel like walking, you can take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

Lunch in Sintra ©Solange Hando

After a morning exploring the coast, there's plenty of time to relax in an outdoor restaurant,  hunt for souvenirs in the steep cobbled lanes or ramble in the hills in search of gurgling springs and wooded ravines.

The National Palace ©Solange Hando

Visit the National Palace, the best preserved royal residence of its kind in Portugal, with its white conical chimneys peeping above the trees or if time allows, you could climb up to the hilltop castle for a bird's eye view of Sintra and the forested hills all around.
Or stay overnight and when the crowds have gone, Sintra is simply magical.


  1. Sintra's definitely worth a day trip from Lisbon. And the station that trains run from, out of Lisbon, is well worth seeing too.

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