Saturday, 16 December 2017

Love Travel, Want to Write

Festival in Bhutan ©Solange Hando

Top Tip
Forget the destination track
The tighter the focus, the more original the feature, the easier the sale
So what can you write about?

Culture and craft
Heritage, festivals, food and wine, embroidery, woodcarving, pottery, the list is endless...
Local travel
Steam train, river trip, rickshaws, bus journey, hot air balloon, donkey riding
Family fun, water sports, golf, cycling, paragliding, cooking, painting...
Conservation, eco-lodges, bird watching, trekking, saving turtles
Local people
Visit a school, talk to monks, meet a budding actor, a poet, a chef, a guide with an unusual story

Now what do you do with all these ideas?
Choose your favourites, do the research, take lots of pictures and find suitable markets
Where do you start?
On shelves and online, bear in mind weekly mags need a lot more copy than monthlies

Check out
Women's / Men's magazines
Publications for seniors, families, young adults, outdoor fans
Special interest, sports and hobbies magazines
Food and wine
Health / Spa / Body and Mind
Travel magazines
In-flight magazines

Study your chosen market
Length, style, format, fact box
 Pitch to the editor
Keep it brief and to the point

Would you like to know more?
Will guide you step by step on the road to success