Saturday, 16 August 2014

So, what's special about Fishguard?

Fishguard Lower Harbour, Pembrokeshire, South West Wales ©Solange Hando

First there are two harbours, the big one where the ferry sets sail for Ireland and this lovely little marina in the lower town, on the other side of  the bay. There are quaint cottages and flower-draped lanes and tales of Welsh women in national dress scaring off  French invaders in the 18th century.

Writing with a View ©Solange Hando

Then, there's the new Writers' Holiday held in the last week in July, a chance for writers of all abilities and genres to exchange ideas, share their experience and attend workshops led by widely published professionals. The six day residential conference takes place in the Fishguard Bay Hotel with en suite rooms, waitress service in the restaurant and a wonderful terrace overlooking the bay.

Nine writing courses are on offer, plus drawing/painting if you feel like a change or wish to bring a non-writing partner. Take a look at next year's programme and if you fancy travel writing, follow the link on Amazon to whet your appetite and you'll be off to a flying start.

But don't wait too long before you book, there are only 10 places left.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park near Fishguard ©Solange Hando

Now don't forget, this is a holiday, nothing is compulsory and you can relax whenever you wish.
There are fabulous walks along the coast, traditional villages and beaches and to top it all, a Welsh Male Voice Choir to entertain you on the last night.
What more could we ask for?

Enjoy, I hope to see you there...

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