Sunday, 10 August 2014

Travel Writing? Go Local, Taste the Food...

Want to join in? ©Solange Hando

'Fried spiders, madame? Favourite snack in my country...I've got fat ones and spindly ones, long legs really nice. See this little one, crunchy like a prawn, you try?'
I close my eyes, imagine it's pink, fresh from the sea, and down it goes, reluctantly. I buy a bagful...for the guide.

But if you can't manage spiders, or sheep's eyes, don't worry...
There's plenty of mileage in food for travel writers.
Why? It's colourful, fragrant, tasty, surprising and we all have to eat.
As a feature in its own right or part of the bigger picture, food will add zest to your writing and, believe me, editors love it too.

That's just one of the 'winning ideas' you'll find in this quick and easy guide to travel writing.
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  1. Sounds great, one for my reading and review list! Best wishes Janine